Free Logo Maker – Create Your Logo for Free in a Minute (2022)

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Complete your brand with a professional logo. It only takes a minute.

Free Logo Maker – Create Your Logo for Free in a Minute (1)

Create a professional logo in seconds

Zyro’s AI Logo Maker lets anyone turn their creative ideas into reality. It’ll only take a minute of your time to design your own custom logo for your business with no professional designer help needed. The best part – it's free.

You’ll be able to edit every element of your custom logo with the Zyro logo creator. Make a logo and change the icon, size, color, and text. Create a custom logo design that stands for your brand and its values in just a few minutes.

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Why choose Zyro’s AI Logo Maker

  • 100% FREE

    Get a perfect logo done for you, completely free. There are no hidden fees or limits, and no strings attached.

  • Thousands of Templates

    Use high-quality logo designs to suit your business idea. Our free logo maker will do the hard work for you.


    Our logo creator can create a stunning logo instantly. No more waiting on the design studio – logo creation has never been faster.


    It's your own logo – make unlimited changes until you're happy. Change fonts, icons, text, colors, and more. You can easily customize all your logo options until it fits your brand image.


    Company logo creation has never been easier. Click one button on Zyro's free online logo maker to generate professional-looking logos that fit your brand identity.


    Your logo design will be fully commercially licensed and owned by you. Use it anywhere and everywhere, from social media platforms to business cards and wherever your brand is seen.

Create your own custom logo in 4 easy steps

Follow these 4 simple steps to make a logo with Zyro's free logo generator.

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    Let the logo generator know what brand name you want to appear on the logo.


    Pick from 1000s of professional logo templates and logo styles to start your perfect logo.


    Adjust the size, customize colors, and edit fonts of your business logo design as needed.


    Download your brand assets in vector files perfect for all uses – it’s ready for publishing and printing.

  5. Free Logo Maker – Create Your Logo for Free in a Minute (4)

Build a professional website or online store with Zyro

  • • Designer-made templates

  • • Intuitive drag-and-drop builder

  • • Integrated brand and marketing tools

  • • No coding or design skills needed

  • • Lightning-fast page speed

  • • Set up in minutes

Learn more

Free Logo Maker – Create Your Logo for Free in a Minute (5)

Logo design by industry


Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Zyro’s AI Logo Maker

  • Our free AI logo creator uses designer-made elements, which are then combined, adjusted, and modified to match your business identity and brand to create your own logo online in the visual style you want.First, the logo creator makes online logo designs. Second, you can customize it to fit your brand vision. Adjust the size, the color, and the font of the design until it's perfect. Finally, once you’re happy, download the file and make the most of your new logo.Publish your business logo on social media channels to improve your online presence, add it to your business cards, and don’t forget to feature it on your website too.

  • The AI logo creator will always generate logo designs that are unique and tailored just for your business and feature your company name.It's a complicated process, but generally speaking, logo makers like Zyro's create logos by using machine learning to browse hundreds of thousands of images.From here, our free logo maker can understand what makes a popular logo design look good while changing things enough to make your own logo design unique, too.Of course, the free logo maker tool is smart enough to create a logo design that hasn’t been used before.

  • Yes, we absolutely do. You want to have a free logo design that follows all of the latest logo design trends for your business to get people’s attention and flourish.If you use logo design trends from a decade ago, even non-designers will be able to tell that your business details are out of date.Brand awareness is important on the street and online. An out-of-date logo design will mean that visitors will not only pass your website by but also think that it isn’t a trustworthy brand.That’s why our professional designers and software developers ‘teach’ the free logo maker tool about the newest online logo design trends to help you create your own logo.Keeping on top of them ensures that your free logo design will get noticed and gain traction. So, you can get started using the online Logo Maker and never have to deal with an outdated logo again.

  • Once you’re done designing a cool logo for your business, simply click the Download button to get a high-resolution mobile-friendly image file downloaded onto your computer.The free logo design comes as high-resolution PNG logo files that you download are ready for both web use (social media banners, email signatures, etc.) and printing (business cards, flyers, t-shirts, and so on).

  • Yes, the free logo design is a PNG image file, which means that it has a transparent background. It can be placed on top of any other visual element and still look great.

  • Zyro’s AI logo generator is completely free to use for all its customers. There are no hidden fees and no additional costs. There are also no limits as to how many times you can use the AI Logo Maker to produce high-quality logos. You can get started without being held back by costs.

  • All of the logos that are generated using Zyro’s AI Logo Maker are licensed for full commercial usage. This means that you can use it for profit-generating activities and can modify it in whatever way you want.

  • You need to make sure that your business is represented well in your overall brand design. Research trends and success stories within your business niche.Also, carefully pick your color scheme so it complements your business and stays consistent with your brand. Logo design is important.Finally, make your logo easy to understand and memorable. If people can easily recognize your brand, it will help you stand out from your competitors, no matter what industry you work in.

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