Free 2022 Content Calendar Template in Google Sheets (2023)

Being a content creator isn’t easy. There’s a lot of planning to do before publishing our posts. And one of the struggles we face as content creators is organizing our content. Having a content calendar to help you sort things out will make things much more manageable for you.

Even better, you canuse our 2022 content calendar template for Google Sheetsto get the ball rolling.

NOTE: Click on File > Make a Copy to be able to edit your template. DO NOT request edit access!

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What Is A Content Calendar?

A content calendaris an arrangement of your content, whether it is a new one or an update of another article. It contains the schedule of when and where you plan to publish your content and other details such as the type of post, meta description, a list of keywords, and partners.

A content calendar is basically the “second brain” of every content creator out there. It is an essential tool that lets you organize all your ideas, plan your contents, and keep track of them.

Why Use A Content Calendar?

Keeping a content calendar is a must-have if you’re a blogger, a content marketer, a social media content creator, a podcast creator, or a YouTube vlogger. This powerful tool will just make everything easier for you.

Here are the top five reasons why you should use a content calendar.

1. It Makes You More Productive

It is easier to plan and see all your content in one place. Having a content calendar will save you timeby being productive. You don’t need to switch between different windows to plan your content. Everything you need will be there in your content calendar.

Many would think that content creators just write and publish content. They don’t know that a lot is actually being done behind the scenes. As a fellow content creator, I can totally relate to you. One of the many ways to be more productive in creating your content is batching.

Batching is grouping similar tasks so you can stay focused and be in the “groove.” When you’re jumping from one window to another during work, chances are you’ll feel more disorganized. Batching is a beneficial strategy you can use to avoid situations like that. Keeping everything in one content calendar means you’ll be batching automatically.

2. It Will Help You Publish Content Consistently

Whether you’re planning to publish content every day, every other day, or every week, having a content calendar will let you see the overview of your schedule, so you’ll be able to publish your content consistently. It will also help you avoid missed deadlines and be more accountable.

Publishing content in a consistent manner will help you build readership. It will make your readers feel like you’re indeed serious about producing content for them.

3. It Will Help You Be Organized

Having everything in one place allows you to stay organized. For instance, you may need to find the details of previous content. You can just open your content calendar, and you’ll find whatever you need in there.

With a content calendar, linking back old content will also be easier for you. This way, you can improve your SEO and attract more readers. Generally, being organized can help you grow your brand faster.

4. It Will Help You Strategize Better

A content calendar will allow you to be more strategic. You can easily compare your content and see what worked and what did not. It will let you know what you need to improve your content and what mistakes to avoid in the future.

Moreover, the sheet can update you about the upcoming events that you plan to write about. Just schedule the content ahead of time in your content calendar, and you’ll be less likely to forget about them.

5. It Allows You To Collaborate

Managing a personal blog is challenging, but it can be even worse if you work with a team?

Having a content calendar makes it easier to collaborate with other people. With this, everyone will be updated about each of their tasks and what’s going on in general. There will be less room for mistakes, and the flow of making the content will be smooth.

Why Use Google Sheets As Your Content Calendar?

With the reasons mentioned above, maybe you’re convinced about using a content calendar. But now, the real question comes. What can you use to make a content calendar, and how do you make one?

There are tons of applications that you can use as your content calendar. But the best will probably be Google Sheets. Let me tell you why.

You may think that Google Sheets can only be filled with numbers and is used mainly by big companies. Well, it can also be your personal content calendar!

Google Sheets offers you a lot of advantages. Here are some of the reasons you should use Google Sheets as your content calendar.

You Can Access It on Any of Your Devices – Anywhere, Anytime

What if you’re on a beach or just taking a walk outside, and suddenly, a great content idea comes to mind? You don’t need to get a pen and paper just so you can’t forget about it. Just open your phone or any device you have with you, open your content calendar in Google Sheets, and input whatever you need. As easy as that.

It Is Free

Google Sheets is all for free. You don’t need to pay a monthly or annual subscription just to manage your content. All you need is a device and an internet connection, and you can use Google Sheets as much as you want. It’s also fast to navigate with keyboard shortcuts, once you get used to them.

You Can Have It Designed Based on Your Needs

Google Sheets lets you have the freedom to customize everything according to your needs. For instance, you can use different colors for different categories or use a theme that goes along with your brand. There are also lots of functions you can use to make planning faster.

It Lets You Install Add-Ons That Can Be Helpful for Your Work

Google Sheets has a feature that lets you install and use add-ons. You can use these to speed up and automate your work. A great example would be adding some text tools that can help you further customize your content calendar.

It Allows You to Collaborate With Other People, Real-Time.

Google Sheets is known best for its ability to let people collaborate in real-time with each other. This is a really helpful feature for content creators, especially when you’re working with a team. Assigning tasks can be a lot easier. In addition, every team member can add comments on the spreadsheet.

Free Content Calendar Template for Google Sheets for 2022

2022 is just around the corner. And if you want to kickstart your brand in the upcoming year, it’s best to plan ahead.

Worry no more about creating your content calendar and starting from scratch.

Here is a free 2022 content calendar templatein Google Sheetsthat every social media content creator, blogger, or any other type of writing team can use. You can adjust it based on your needs and start planning your content right away.
Free 2022 Content Calendar Template in Google Sheets (1)NOTE: Click on File > Make a Copy to be able to edit your template. DO NOT request edit access!

Say if you needed a social media content calendar template for Google Sheets in 2022. You could easily edit or add a column to indicate which social network each post should go on.

What’s Inside the Free 2022 Content Calendar Template

Here’s an overview of what’s inside the Free 2022 Content Calendar Template.

Free 2022 Content Calendar Template in Google Sheets (2)

Let’s look closely at each of its contents.

  • A small calendar on the left corner to let you have an overview of the month.
  • A heading containing the details of your content:
    • Due Date
    • Title
    • Format
    • Meta Description
    • File Link
Free 2022 Content Calendar Template in Google Sheets (4)
  • A checklist to help you track if everything is ready before you publish your content:
    • Content
    • Images
    • Design
    • Proofreading
    • Email
Free 2022 Content Calendar Template in Google Sheets (5)
  • A drop-down option to help you visualize the status of your content, labeled as:
    • Published
    • Ongoing
    • Pending
Free 2022 Content Calendar Template in Google Sheets (6)
  • A “Notes” section where you can add other details for your content.
Free 2022 Content Calendar Template in Google Sheets (7)

How To Use the Free 2022 Content Calendar Template

  • Click this linkto go to the free 2022 content calendar template.
  • Make a copy by clicking on File > Make a copy.
Free 2022 Content Calendar Template in Google Sheets (8)
  • Rename the file or just leave it as is.
Free 2022 Content Calendar Template in Google Sheets (9)
  • Finally, click on “OK” to save the file to your drive.

Now, you have your own content calendar. You can immediately start planning your 2022 content and see your brand grow successfully.

Tips On Using The Free 2022 Content Calendar Template

  • After copying the content calendar on Google Sheets, you’ll see that each month is set out for you in individual sheets at the bottom of the page, so you can plan months in advance if you’d like to.

    Free 2022 Content Calendar Template in Google Sheets (10)

  • If you’re working with a team, you can modify the content calendar like this:
Free 2022 Content Calendar Template in Google Sheets (11)

As you can see, instead of checkboxes, we’ve replaced the data in the cells with names. You can use this method to assign team members for each task. They can just put a checkmark beside their name or highlight the cell if they’re done. This way, you can easily see the progress of the content.


Having a content calendar is very helpful for every content creator. Your ideas can be more organized, and publishing the content will be a lot easier.

Now that you’ve learned how to use a content calendar template for Google Sheets we’ve provided, you can start planning your content. Check out some of the other ways Google Sheets can help your business by visiting some of our other articles or joining a course.

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