Fashion Stores in Nigeria: The Top 20 (2023)


Online shopping has gradually become a trend in Nigeria and one of the items that Nigerians often shop for are fashion apparels and accessories.

In this post, we’ve highlighted the top 10 fashion stores in the country in no particular order. You can click here for more detail about the hat collection.

Fashion Stores in Nigeria: The Top 20 (1)

  1. Alara

Founded by Reni Folawiyo, Alara Lagos is a concept store stocking everything from clothes to arts and accessories in its four-storey architectural marvel at Victoria Island. The office is located at 12A Akin Olugbade St, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

It is known for its quality mix of brands and excellent customer service. Alara is the first store in West Africa to officially retail names like Bottega Veneta, Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino and many more, it also stocks designs by designers Duro Olowu, Maki Oh and Loza Maléombho.

  1. Stranger

Located on 3 Hakeem Dickson St, Lekki Phase I, Lagos, Stranger is luxury fashion store that owned and run by Bibi and Yegwa Ukpo, the store features designs from brands like Kenneth Ize, U.Mi-1, Peir Wu and many others.

If you’re a lover of alternative, unusual and quirky fashion, Stranger should be your preferred fashion boutique.

The store stocks the best fashion lines and accessories in Lagos. The boutique also doubles as a creative space and received a British Council grant to become the first Maker Library in Lagos. Also, Stranger offers cold brew coffee and yoga classes.

  1. The Florence H Boutique

Owned by Abisola Kola-Daisi, the Florence H Boutique is a reputable premium shoe and accessories store with high-end designer labels.

The store offers a wide selection that caters specifically to women. The Florence H Boutique is particular about stocking the latest fashion designs, while it’s also known for helping its clients source vintage accessories.

The boutique is located on 32 Musa Yar’adua, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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  1. Modan Luxury Store

Modan Luxury Store is a partnership between Adumadan and StorAfrica (a luxury retail specialist). The store is located at 1, Murtala Muhammed Dr, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Also, the store combines elegance and sophistication in order to create a cordial space for visitors and clients.

Modan Luxury Store is an official partner of Giorgio Armani, La Perla, Roberto Cavalli Women and more, as well as an African fashion brands like Polly Alakija.

Additionally, the store offers its clientele a wide range of retail goods, particularly for women. They also run a pop-up store.

  1. Polo Avenue Fashion Series

Founded by John Obayuwana, Polo Avenue is a retail line that sells fashion items from brands like Jimmy Choo, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and Balenciaga, with a focus on leather goods, wristwatches, and jewellery.

The brand has been involved in the business of making luxury goods for over 25 years experience in making luxury goods available to its clientele.

Currently, the store is operated by Jennifer Obayuwana, the daughter of founder, John Obayuwana. The boutique has five outlets across Lagos, Abuja and Ghana.

  1. The 5K Shop

The5kShop is an independent online retailer offering variety of products ranging from branded fashion products, stock from other retailers to its own label ‘T5S’.

If you make orders above N15,000, your order will be delivered to you at no cost as long as you are in Lagos

  1. Shopaholic

Shopaholic is one of the leading destinations in Nigeria when it comes to fashion apparels, handbags and jewelries.

The store was the first Nigerian fashion store to introduce the cash on delivery payment mode.

Shopaholic is synonymous with good quality and affordability which is why it is the top destination in the country for fashion items.

Whenever you want to buy any fashion item, you can visit the online store of Shopaholic and search for what you need. The store is known for its easy and convenient shopping experience

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  1. Obeezi

Established in 2014, Obeezi is another popular online fashion store in Nigeria. The store offers genuine clothing, shoes, wrist watches, sunglasses, colognes, fashion accessories and much more at very affordable rates.

Also, their delivery service is quite fast and it is available in every major city in the country so it doesn’t matter where you are if you want to shop on Obeezi.

When making payment, you can pay using cash on delivery or you can pay online with your phone or debit card. Their payment platform is quite safe and you’re sure to enjoy a seamless transaction process.

  1. Bentigos

Bentigos is another major online store offering a wide range of clothing items and accessories to millions of Nigerians.

The company operates a warehouse located at Plot A12 Gbagada-Oshodi Expressway.

Some of their fashion items for women include tops, dresses, sweatshirt, skirts and jeans. On the other hands, their men’s wear includes formal, casual and traditional attires.

You can also buy accessories like sunglasses, watches, handbags, wallets, belts, bracelets on Bentigos.

Bentigos also features daily deals which come with exciting discounts for both men and women clothing and accessories.

  1. InstyleFashionista

Instyle is an online fashion store that sells UK brands in Nigeria. The store makes it easy to purchase these items by creating several means of interaction asides the online store.

For instance, you can contact the sales representative using your Whatsapp or Blackberry messenger or you can call directly to make your order.

Instyle offers a massive selection of male and female clothing as well as accessories which makes it easy to select stylish outfits from the online store.

Also, new inventory are brought every month so you’re sure to always see something new everytime you visit the website.

There are also beautiful outfits for children, which make this store a perfect fit for all of your family needs.

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  1. MrP Nigeria

MrP has wide range of clothing for kids between 1 and 14 years as well as a diverse inventory for men and ladies. Their men and women clothing include casual and formal outfits.

You can download the MrP app on your iPhone or android phone in order to stay up to date with their latest outfits.

After making your order, there’s a seamless delivery process that enables you track your order from the warehouse to your doorstep.

  1. Bezas Boutique

Bezas Boutique is one of the major online stores in the country. The store is particularly known for its good quality fashion outfits while not neglecting style, elegance and glamour.

The store boast of a diverse range of fashion items which has enabled them remain very relevant on the African fashion scene.

Also, the prices offered by Bezas are quite affordable which makes the store attractive to different classes of customers.

  1. Dressrite

Dressrite is a subsidiary of Digisol Nigeria Limited. Their inventory is sourced from major countries in Europe and America like US, UK, France, Italy and many more.

The online store is an ever-expanding shopping platform that allows you shop conveniently without any hassles.

You can pick up your order at any of their outlet or you can sit back and allow Dressrite deliver your order to your preferred location.

Their inventory includes men and women’s clothing, shoes, traditional attires, jerseys and car accessories.

You can download the Dressrite app on your phone to receive updates on their latest fashion items.

  1. Jumia

Jumia is one of the leading online retail stores in the country. It is also a great place to shop for clothing items and fashion accessories.

You will discover amazing fashion styles and trends on the Jumia website from men and women apparel to children clothing.

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You can also buy fabric from the Jumia online store. Currently, Jumia has over 1 million listed fashion items on its website which gives you a wide range of options to choose from.

The website also has a Jumia local option which enables you buy fashion item from popular local stores at affordable rates. In addition to this, the store provides a wide range of apparels from international brands like Zara, TM Lewin, H & M and many more.

  1. Konga

Konga has lots of options whether you are a man or woman when it comes to clothes.

For women, the different categories include jumpsuits, playsuits, kimonos, suits, blazers, Islamic wears, lingerie, sleep wear, coordinates and many more. Also, they have clothing from famous brands like Zara, Calvin Klein, Top Shop and Victoria Secrets.

For men, you can shop for shirts, trousers, suits, jeans, nightwear, underwears and socks. You will find popular brands like H&C, H&M, Mustang, SJKY and many more.

  1. Payporte

PayPorte is another major online retail brand in the country. You can shop for men nd women’s fashion items as well as footwears and accessories on their online store.

Additionally, you can download the PayPorte mobile app for access to the latest fashion items on your mobile phone.

  1. RedTag

Red Tag is a popular fashion store with outlets in both the Island and Mainland parts of Lagos.

  1. Debras Grace

Debras Grace is a major ladies fashion and accessories store located in the Yaba area of Lagos.

  1. Pep Store

Pep Store is a South African retailer with stores in Nigeria. The store offers low prices on items ranging from clothing items to footwears

  1. Audacious

Audaciousis a one of the leading fashion retailers with a focus on female business and business casual clothing.


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