99Designs Review: My Experience of Logo Design Contests (2022)

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I bought my new logo from 99designs and I love it!

Their slogan is “Design is the Secret to Great Business”.
99designs is the best design crowdsourcing site. We recommend for designing your new logo and website graphics at this design contest website. They pioneered graphic design contests and have perfected the process. The top quality of their logos designed is due to their strict design contest rules that all graphic artists must follow.

Designing a great logo can be very expensive, time-consuming and often frustrating by following traditional graphic artist methods. That’s why the company was started — to help small business owners and startups buy good graphic design at reasonable and affordable prices.

Enter the new buzz word, the internet business model called crowdsourcing. This practice taps into the collective creatively of the “crowd” simultaneously. Crowdsourced is to hire a large group, or crowd, to review your company image design specs and submit ideas.

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Step by step: How to get a logo designed in crowdsource contest

99Designs Review: My Experience of Logo Design Contests (1)
  1. Design Brief — Go to the 99 design login. Develop your ideas and write down the specifics of what you want in your final design. Include specifics about the type of graphics (illustration or stock line art or photos), usage (business cards, store signs, labels, and ads), colors and font styles you like and those you do not like. Send some sample of branding designs from other companies that appeal to you.
  2. Select a Design PackageThere are four (4) different levels of logo design programs offered. Make your choice by your budget or by the quality level of graphic designer you want to hire. Packages are Bronze (Creative designs on a budget), Silver (best value for the money), Gold (Attract expert designers) and Platinum (work only with the best) See 99 designs pricing
  3. Begin the Design Contest — When you purchase the design package the content begins with crowdsource. Your design brief is shown to over 1 million talented graphic artists across the world. They will start to develop design ideas for you right away.
  4. Designers Submit Design Ideas– 24/7/365 designers will submit lots of styles and designs for your review and approval. Almost daily you will get new brand images that could be just right for your new business.
  5. Rate and Discuss Designs — Go ahead and comment, rate and discuss, via private message with your artist, which idea works best for your needs. Ask for revisions and changes to make it look even better.
  6. Pick the One — After one week decide which is your favorite and will work best for your new firm. The designer will be awarded the prize and payment. Download the art files and you are ready to start printing business cards, brochures, and flyers for your company launch date. Check out the recommend printer PsPrint — Full Review Here
99Designs Review: My Experience of Logo Design Contests (2)

Watch this video services the process of getting a great logo designed at 99 designs.com step-by-step
Every step of the way there are experts available to answer questions and guide you through the process of designing a business brand and look you will love. Use the email form or call their toll-free phone number 1-(800) 513–1678. You are 100% guaranteed to love your new brand design or your money back — 100%

99 Designs: 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Brochure, business cards, book covers can all be designed by these talented graphic artists. Not just logos — you can get anything professionally designed on this site. The even run product design contests.

Prices are determined by both the level of designer you want to work on your project and the amount of support management you desire.

Logo Design Packages

  • Bronze — $299 — Get 30+ designs for your logo, by good designers with 100% money back guarantee if you do not love your new logos. This is the logo design package I bought and I got over 100 logo designs in my contest.
  • Silver — $499 — Get 60+ design ideas for logos by better designers with 100% money back guarantee if you do not love your new logos.
  • Gold — $799 — Get 90+ ideas for logo design by expert designers 100% money back guarantee if you do not love your new logos and dedicated account manager.
  • Platinum — $1,299 — Get 60+ premium designs and ideas for your brand logo by exceptional top designers, 100% money back guarantee if you do not love your new logos, dedicated account manager and ability to select designers from top levels of the graphic design industry.

Another reason that I bought my new business logo here is that it’s risk-free — because there is a 100% money back guarantee — for up to 60 days after payment!

I love to patronage companies that stand behind the quality of their product.

The guarantee is legit and confirmed by customer users. There are a few exceptions and rules that I explain in detail here:

99 designs 100% Money Back Guarantee Explained

vs Comparisons

99designs vs DesignCrowd

99designs vs Logo Design Guru

99designs vs Logo Nerds

99 designs vs The Logo Company

99designs vs CrowdSpring

Check out this List of 56+ 99 designs competitors and alternatives for logo designs

For new business launches, I recommend getting the package from 99 designs for strong branding — Logo and Brand Identity Pack.

The advantages of buying this complete package is that for one discounted price you get all your design needs to be done by one talented artist so they coordinate and amplify your brand message and visual look. You will save money, time and hassle by getting your branding designs done at once.

There are different branding packages available. The basic brand identity pack includes logo designs, business cards, letterhead stationery with envelopes and social media graphic for your Facebook cover.

Read my detail review about the logo and brand identity packages

99designs Review: Logo and Brand Identity Packages

99designs vs DesignCrowd: Review and Comparison 2018

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Are the logo designs any good?

Yes, they are done by professional designers. That being said there are different levels, by experience and # of design contest won, from which you can choose. The lower-priced budget packages are good designers — but not the best. As you proceed up in pricing you have access to more experienced and better-trained graphic designers. Best-selling authors, such as Tim Ferris and top businesses, Docker, have used them for book covers and brand packages. To date, they count 364, 571 happy customers — including me!

How did they start?

In 2008, Austrailian Matt Mickiewicz launched 99 designs.com. It began as a spinoff of the firm he started when he was 14 years old, SitePoint Solutions. The site users began to stage design contests amongst themselves. Revenues top $15 million annually. High profile firms such as Southwest Airlines and Esquire magazine run design contests on the site. In 2010 Entrepreneur magazine listed it as one of the “100 Brillant Ideas”. Read startup advice from the founder

How much do designers make?

Payments for work are dependent upon the “level” of the designer. Rates for most designs start at $170.99 and can go upwards of $2,000 for platinum level designers.

A talented and well-trained graphic artist can create an iconic symbol to represent your company in the form of a logo. Good brands, think Apple and Coca-Cola, have immediate brand recognition, build trustworthiness and imply superior products and services. A logo is often the very first impression everyone will understand about your new venture.

Originality, longevity, and professionalism are all important for to communicate your brand benefits.

Why get my business logos designed?

Your logo communicates the value of your company with images, shapes, and colors. As a new startup, you need all the advantages you can get to make a good impression on prospective customers. Stand out in a crowded competitive market with great design and branding.

Many people come to this page looking for the below, and I do hope that this review has helped you decide which site to get your logo designed and made your entrepreneurial process a bit easier.




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Originally published at best4businesses.com.

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