20 Most Popular Luxury Shoe Brands In 2018 (2023)

Everyone notices shoes. Maybe that's why so many people treat themselves to luxury footwear that impresses others, displays personal style and shows status. The expensive shoe brands that are being showcased today cost a pretty penny, but look so fabulous. They are anything but basic. Designed to add beauty (or a ton of edge) to outfits, they have all of the bells and whistles that fashionistas crave.

One interesting fact to be aware of, according to the Medicaldaily.com website, is that the psychological characteristics of a person can be clocked based on shoe choice. University of Kansas researchers discovered that people could figure out the income, gender, age and political leanings of a person, as well as some personality traits, just by checking out their footwear.

Since shoes do send such a powerful message, it's understandable that people who want to make a good impression are willing to spend thousands of dollars on high-end footwear designs from the world's premier designers, such as Balmain, Gucci and Jimmy Choo. While these sorts of shoes are way out of reach of the average consumer, they are aspirational items. People who can't afford them often plan to buy them when they achieve their financial goals.

Now, let's check out some gorgeous shoes for men and women, all of which are ideal choices for "The Richest".


20 Fashionable Ladies Adore Jimmy Choo

20 Most Popular Luxury Shoe Brands In 2018 (1)

Shoe designer, Jimmy Choo, is a legend in the world of high-fashion footwear. He's now 69 and was born in Malaysia during November of 1948, according to Wikipedia.com. He lives in London. One fun fact is that his real last name is Chow, but it wasn't spelled correctly on his birth certificate.

He started his career as a cobbler at the tender age of eleven. He partners with a Vogue editor, Tamara Mellon, to bring Jimmy Choo Ltd. shoes to the world, or, at least, to one percenters.

His shoes feature fine fabrics, sensual lines and, typically, high heels that elongate the look of the leg. A glittery, strappy sandal from Jimmy Choose will set you back around two thousand bucks.

19 Roger Vivier Offers Glitz, Plus Comfort

20 Most Popular Luxury Shoe Brands In 2018 (2)

Dramatic embellishments are what Roger Vivier slides, sandals and sneakers are all about. Women can walk comfortably in them and still feel ultra-glam. His crystal-encrusted slides have been featured in Vogue layouts, where they are paired with flowing dresses or high-end trousers.

According to the official (and elegant) Rogervivier.com website, designs from the Spring/Summer 2018 collection are all about "the joy of living". Prices aren't listed on the website, but it's possible to find retailers there. You'll usually need to pay over seventeen hundred bucks for a pair of crystal-embellished slides from this company. The slides offer Birkenstock-style comfort, plus tons of high-fashion glitz.

18 Manolo Blahnik Shoes are Coveted

20 Most Popular Luxury Shoe Brands In 2018 (3)

Now, let's talk about Manolo. Remember the episode of S*x and the City, when Carrie (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) was robbed on the street and the mugger took her Manolos? She pleaded with him to give them back, because they were her favorite pair and she got them on sale, but he ran off with them anyway.

Manolo Blahnik is such a good shoe designer that Vogue editor, Anna Wintour, tends to wear shoes from his brand, and no other brands. According to the Telegraph.co.uk website, Manolo thinks Anna is "divine".

Manolo is quite a character. He's so refined that he usually wears gloves to protect his hands from germs. He loves to sketch shoes and find muses in pop culture that inspire him to create ravishing high heels, boots, and flats. Rihanna was a muse and she and Manolo collaborated on a range of designs.

17 Berluti Shoes Have UniqueFinishes

20 Most Popular Luxury Shoe Brands In 2018 (4)

Extremely expensive shoes aren't just for the ladies. Men can buy them, too, and a lot of guys choose to get their pricey, status symbol shoes from Berluti. This company is run by the partner of Russian supermodel, Natalia Vodianova. His name is Antoine Arnault. He's the heir (along with his sister) of the LVMH business empire.

So, what's so special about Berluti shoes? Well, a lot of them have patina and this unique finish makes them special and coveted. According to Berluti.com, "Maison Berluti" uses an array of bleaching and coloring techniques to treat leather and give it a burnished appearance.

Men who want unique finishes and traditional lines appreciate the designs produced by this company, which was founded in Italy in 1895. If you have over two grand to drop of men's shoes, be sure to treat yourself to a pair.

16 J.P. Tods Loafers are Perfect Driving Shoes

20 Most Popular Luxury Shoe Brands In 2018 (5)

These shoes are classics. Lots of celebs love wearing them, including Bella Hadid and Amal Clooney. Men love designs from this respected Italian company. Those who want comfort, and well as status, love the way that these soft and luxurious loafers feel and look. According to Wikipedia.com, this company is run by Filippo Della Valle, who began making shoes during the 20s. Shoes from Tod's are now available all over the globe, in Hong Kong, Europe, America and tons of other places.

So, how much do these coveted loafers cost? Well, prices vary based on style, but a pair of Gommino driving moccasins for women will generally retail for a little more than four hundred dollars. Tod's aren't the most expensive shoes on the list, but they are very popular with the "elite".

15 Yeezy Fever is Never-ending

20 Most Popular Luxury Shoe Brands In 2018 (6)

Why are Yeezy shoes so expensive and so hard to get? Well, it's all about the star power of Yeezy brand owner, Kanye West. Kanye is incredibly popular, although controversial, and his talent and unique mindset drive the continued success of the Yeezy fashion and footwear brand.

According to the NYdailynews.com website, Yeezy shoes are worth the money, because they offer "breathtaking" comfort. Yeezy Boost 350s are probably the most recognizable sneaker style from this company and they are listed for sale online for over four hundred bucks. The problem is, they are virtually never in stock. People speculate in these shoes. Some flip them for huge profits.

14 Nike Offers Collectible Air Jordans

20 Most Popular Luxury Shoe Brands In 2018 (7)

People love Air Jordans. I mean love. Collecting these Nike basketball shoes is a passion for a lot of men and women. It's not always an affordable habit, but that doesn't stop Air Jordan lovers from finding the rarest Jordans and paying through the nose to get them.

Sneakerheads are so into Air Jordans. According to Financeonline.com, some of the most coveted styles fetch prices which are almost unbelievable. For example, Air Jordan 12 (Flu Game) sneakers are worth an astonishing one hundred and four thousand dollars, while Air Jordan 12 OVO shoes are available for around a hundred grand.

13 Miu Miu Blends Modern and Vintage

20 Most Popular Luxury Shoe Brands In 2018 (8)

Miuccia Prada rose to fame by offering delightfully kooky fashion, which blended vintage and ultra-modern design elements, under the brand name, Prada. Miu Miu is a subsidiary of the parent company, Prada, and its footwear styles also offer a great deal of imagination and originality.

According to Wikipedia.com, Miu Miu was founded in Milan in 1993. Miuccia chose the name, Miu Miu, because people in her family called her by that nickname.

Shoes from this brand make a statement. They aren't safe choices. They're serious fashionista stuff. People who know fashion adore Miu Miu clothes and shoes. They know that other fashionistas will recognize the designs when they wear them. High top trainers from this brand cost around a thousand bucks. The embellished heels, flats, and boots cost way more.

12 Stuart Weitzman Offers True American Spirit

20 Most Popular Luxury Shoe Brands In 2018 (9)

Stuart Weitzman was born in 1941 and he's the founder of this American shoe company. His shoes are popular with pop divas, from Taylor Swift to Beyoncé and beyond. He also has a reputation for making the priciest shoes on the planet.

To see how much these shoes really go for, I did some poking around online. Since Weitzman is rich enough from his shoe business to pay almost nine and half million bucks for a rare postage stamp, I figure his shoes must cost a bundle. I see pumps on his website for around four hundred bucks, so his shoe prices don't seem much higher than the others on the list. Weitzman sold his shoe company to Coach last year and got a mammoth amount of money.

11 Gucci Is So Hot Right Now

20 Most Popular Luxury Shoe Brands In 2018 (10)

Gucci is fun. It's sophisticated, a bit crazy and so Italian. The new spirit of the rejuvenated Gucci brand is actually pretty exciting. I like fashion and, sometimes, I go out and check out the high-end stuff in my city. Whenever I do, I notice a small flock of people crowding around the Gucci sneakers that are on display. The shoes get attention. People want them.

That's why Gucci, which is now led by the gifted and eccentric designer, Alessandro Michele, is able to charge upwards of 700 bucks a pair for men's sneakers, according to Gucci.com. This brand is really hot right now.

10 Christian Louboutin Shoes Have Wicked Red Soles

20 Most Popular Luxury Shoe Brands In 2018 (11)

Here is another shoe brand that women are really passionate about. Shoes from Christian Louboutin stand out because of their madcap French style, as well as their wicked red soles. Louboutin is a Parisian who isn't afraid to create towering stilettos with "absolutely fabulous" design elements. He has been known to trap everyday trash inside of vinyl and use it in his shoe designs. However, his choice of materials is usually much more refined.

This designer brought back the stiletto heel during the 1990s. Basic pumps with red soles from this brand usually start at one thousand dollars. Styles with more embellishments are extremely costly.

9 Louis Vuitton Shoes Are Serious Status Symbols

20 Most Popular Luxury Shoe Brands In 2018 (12)

Most people know the Louis Vuitton brand. It has enviable brand recognition all over the world. High-fashion shoe designs from "LV" are aggressively marketed. Famous LV spokesmodels, such as Jaden Smith, keep the Louis Vuitton brand relevant to millennial consumers.

According to the official Louisvuitton.com website, ultra-glamorous and ostentatious Fireball Ankle Boots for women retail for more than two thousand dollars a pair. These designs definitely aren't for the meek. They have an "in your face" quality. Those who wish to show the world that they can afford LV collect the company's shoes, fashions, and accessories, such as high-status handbags.

8 Stella McCartney Shoes are Vegan-friendly

20 Most Popular Luxury Shoe Brands In 2018 (13)

Stella McCartney is the daughter of Paul McCartney, but she's moved beyond his formidable shadow. She's a great designer and she's succeeded on her own merits. She offers women footwear that is vegan-friendly. Man-made materials used in her shoes, sneakers, and handbags look a fair bit like leather, but they are always cruelty-free. In the high-end footwear niche, failing to use leather is a risky business choice, but it's paid off for Stella. Her brand is very successful.

According to Stellamccartney.com, Stella offers sneakers via a collaboration with Adidas. They are very modern and so Vogue. It's possible to grab a pair of women's sneakers by Stella and Adidas for just over two hundred bucks. Other designs that she creates cost much more.

7 Alexander McQueen Shoes HavePlenty of Edge

20 Most Popular Luxury Shoe Brands In 2018 (14)

If you like the edgier style and your footwear budget is practically unlimited, be sure to splurge on edgy shoes from Alexander McQueen. This brand is now overseen by Sarah Burton, since Alexander McQueen (who used to be called Lee by his inner circle) has passed away.

According to Alexandermcqueen.com, women's pumps from this brand, such as the gorgeous Cage Sandal, which will definitely look great with a shorter dress, retail for over seven hundred dollars. Other women's shoes cost well upwards of a thousand dollars. Boots with fine materials, buckles and towering heels are pricey choices, but very stylish... and perfect for those who prefer to make bolder statements.

6 Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes Are Right for VIPs

20 Most Popular Luxury Shoe Brands In 2018 (15)

Women like Oprah, who've broken through the glass ceiling in their careers, treat themselves to shoes from a respected Italian fashion house, Salvatore Ferragamo. You may want to do the same.

Salvatore Ferragamo was born in June of 1898 and passed away during late summer of 1960. He was Italian and he founded this venerable fashion house. Before he opened his own house, he assisted Hollywood celebs from the 20s with dressing to perfection.

Shoes from this brand are made with a creative and scientific approach. Ferragamo pioneered a lot of interesting heel designs, from cage heels to wedge heels and beyond. Today, his company remains a popular choice for people who are rich enough to buy anything. A classic ballet flat from this brand is available for around six hundred dollars and is probably a solid investment in quality and style.

5 Walter Steiger Shoes Are Very Recognizable

20 Most Popular Luxury Shoe Brands In 2018 (16)

This French shoe company offers avant-garde European style. The company is known for producing heels with a sculptural quality, that look very different from most high heels. These shoes don't come cheap, but they really make a statement. Although the company is French, it was founded in Switzerland in 1932. Its founder was Walter Steiger, Sr., according to En.wikipedia.org, and the company offers shoes for women and men.

Walter Steiger has collaborated with some impressive fashion designers and fashion houses, including Calvin Klein, Oscar de la Renta, and Ungaro. Pumps from this designer, with curved heels, usually retail for upwards of six hundred dollars a pair.

4 John Fluevog Is a Favorite of Rock Stars

20 Most Popular Luxury Shoe Brands In 2018 (17)

According to Fluevog.com, shoe designer, John Fluevog, has been making interesting and unique footwear for over four decades. He started out in Vancouver, Canada in 1970, then became a partner in a shoe shop called Fox & Fluevog. The official Fluevog website showcases some of his shoe designs from the 70s and they were definitely way ahead of their time. One example is The Pilgrim, which features a T-strap with a buckle and a pointed toe.

Popular with rockers, such as former Smashing Pumpkins bassist, Melissa Auf De Maur, shoes from Fluevog are off the beaten track and very well-made. At the moment, a wild style called the Watusi (for women) retails for $399.00 Canadian dollars.

3 Chanel Never Goes Out of Style

20 Most Popular Luxury Shoe Brands In 2018 (18)

Karl Lagerfeld is currently at the helm at Chanel and has been for ages. He's basically as legendary in the fashion world as the Chanel brand's founder, the late Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel. Chanel's famous interlocking "Cs" are found on many of their shoe designs. Women who want the Chanel look, which is all about wearable, feminine clothes and shoes with authentic French flair, absolutely love almost everything that this brand comes up with. Chanel is very expensive. Very.

According to Chanel.com, short boots in metallic lambskin (fabulous) retail for fifteen hundred US dollars. Simple sandals usually cost around a grand. Some footwear for women is listed as "price upon request" and we all know what that means ($$$$).

2 Tom Ford Is the Iconic Men's Designer

20 Most Popular Luxury Shoe Brands In 2018 (19)

Tom Ford knows how to make men feel like supermen. He uses exquisite tailoring and his own style sensibility to create striking suits for the guys, and also dabbles in womenswear. Naturally, he offers shoes, as well as accessories, makeup, and fragrance. Tom Ford is the ultimate style icon for many men. He's smooth, dashing and confident. The stuff he produces is just the same.

According to Tomford.com, Wilson Chelsea Boots for men, which will look great dressed up or down, retail for $1590. Crystal Embroidered Slingbacks for the ladies cost a whopping $2990 per pair. This footwear brand is very contemporary. It's modern glam.

1 Balmain Is All About Embellishment

20 Most Popular Luxury Shoe Brands In 2018 (20)

Balmain is a brand that is overseen by head designer, Olivier Rousteing. He is French and he was born in 1986. This makes him one of the younger fashion designers on the list. Designs from Balmain are heavy on embellishment. They are like glam armor for fashionistas.

Shoes and clothes from Balmain look modern, but they feature a level of embellishment that is rare and regal. Some of it wouldn't look so out of place on a medieval king or queen. Other stuff is very "nightclub". Kim and Kanye love Balmain. Ladies shoes will cost over a grand, but they are right on the cutting edge of fashion.

Sources: Medicaldaily.com, Rogervivier.com,Berluti.com,NYdailynews.com, Financeonline.com,Gucci.com


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